About Us

About Us

The history of Magar is shrouded in speculations. Magar Studies Center is engaged in research on this issue. In this connection, this institution will go through a rigorous academic venture.

Envisioned in 2000 and founded in 2003, the Magar Studies Center is dedicated to advancing scholarly pursuit on the issues of history, culture, language, literature, art, and socioeconomic issues of Nepali societies.

Aims: The Center also aims to host academic programs– seminars and workshops, publish journals and build a resource center of significant records and literature on these issues.

a) Work for the education, wellbeing, economic and social development of Nepali people
b) Conduct study and research on the history, art, literature, religion, culture, and language of Nepali people
c) Publish research reports, journals/books
d) Develop a resource center of social sciences

a) Conduct study and research and publish reports, journals, and books on history, art, literature, religion, culture, and language
b) Conduct seminar, workshop, training, dialogue, talk program, interaction, and field visit programs to achieve the objectives
c) Conduct other necessary activities to establish Magar Studies Center as a resource center
d) Collaborate with national and international agencies and organizations to conduct various programs

Executive Committee:
The General Assembly is the apex body. The Executive Committee of the Center is currently chaired by Mr. Gupta Bahadur Rana since March 5, 2022. The Center is proud of the composition of its members who hail from different social sectors.
Mr. Gupta Bahadur Rana
Mr. Harka Bahadur Thapa
General Secretary
Mrs. Pratibha Pun
Miss Maya Hiski Magar
Mr. Gopal Singh Thapa
Dr. Min Shrees
Mr. Bishnu Kumar Sinjali
Dr. Chhabilal Chidi Magar
Ms. Madhu Mala Magar
Mr. Bom Bahadur Thapa
Ms. Anita Pun Magar

Mr. Dut Bahadur Pun
Honorary Members
Dr. Mahabir Pun
Late Mr. Hira Singh Thapa

Mr. Dil Bahadur Thapa
Mr. Trilok Singh Thapa
Mr. Khildhoj Thapa
Mr. Sant Bahadur Pun
Mr. Bishnu Prabhat

Contact Address:
Magar Studies Center
Web site: http://www.magarstudiescenter.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/magar.studies.center